The cleaning knowledge about bathtub faucets

Some relatively large family bathroom, will install a bathtub in the bathroom, but generally speaking, is certainly missed the bathtub faucet, and this must also be able to release hot water faucets or cold water. After the bathtub faucet can be used for a period of time, in the above it is certainly not clean, then it needs to be cleaned.

Therefore, clean bathtub faucet is a small series with you on the future, so that more people can know exactly how the bathtub faucet to clean?

First, the surface of the faucet is often with a soft cloth dampened with some cleaning agents to gently wipe. Never use wire or with a group of relatively hard particles and other scouring pad to clean. In addition, it can not come with a hard object hit, so bruised tap the surface, that would be bad.

Second, you can use some cleaning agents to remove such thick solid mask and accumulation thereof. Such as a mild liquid glass cleaner, pure liquid glass cleaner clear, acid-free and non-abrasive gentle liquid, or powder is completely dissolved and no friction solution polish. Like these can come clean bathtub faucet, generally speaking, like cleaning agents are also very easy to buy.

bathtub faucet

After the finish of the bathtub faucet clean knowledge, I believe that many people have mastered the knowledge in this area, and also know how when to clean which will be more easy to use.